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Live Psychic Chat App – Difference Between Chat & Messages Earnings

Why are there two entries for Chat & Messages earnings in the Invoice?

I’m going to explain why there are two rows in the invoice for chat and messages even though they seem to be same services.

There is a bit of history involved.

In the beginning when they started the app, it was only a chatting app and rate was fixed per message, you couldn’t set your own rate. In due course of time and with various updates they added new features for messages, live chat, phone and videos where you could set your own rate. The old chat with fixed rate couldn’t be removed as some users were stuck with old version of app and OS.

So the chat earnings you see in the invoice is from those customers who are still using older version of the app.

Now you know why there are two separate rows for chat and message earnings 🙂

I hope it helps you.


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