Psychic Amelia

Gifted Psychic Reader, Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant and Life Coach.


A psychic reading can assist you in narrowing down your life’s direction and identifying the areas that needs the major attention. Relationships may be difficult, work can be challenging or unpredictable, and even everyday life can be difficult! It’s possible that you’ll feel a little lost at times, but don’t sweat.

I help people in learning more about their history, present, and future. If you let your psychic connect with you, I’ve access to a wide range of knowledge about your life. Knowing something about love, relationships, profession, wealth, or your destiny and life path may be really beneficial.

Life is full with choices, some huge and some small. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know how each decision you have to make would turn out? Wouldn’t it be even better if you knew all of your alternatives and their possible outcomes before making a decision? I, a gifted psychic, has guided her customers in making important life decisions. I can also assist you!

Do you ever feel so lost, perplexed, or stuck? Do you have any concerns about your life path or the purpose of your soul? Let me assist you.

I’m a medium and clairvoyant psychic guide. I can assist you in gaining a unique outlook on your life and how you live it. I have over three decades of expertise as a trainer of an open systems style of communication, in addition to my clairvoyant and psychic abilities. This unique mix of talents enables me to listen to both you and your guides, analyse the information I get, and then convey these messages with you in a concise, intelligible manner that will help you in moving ahead in your life.

People who seek readings from me gain insight into their own lives, hearts, hopes, and fears.

I’ll share the wisdom and insight that’s all around you with you through reading. You can feel the immense love, divine support, and deep calm that is your birth right when you make the simple yet profound choice to connect with yourself, your higher self, your angels, and spirit guides.

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